Travel Plans for 2015

(and 2014 in review)

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Urban Departures Travel in 2015

Oh, the places we went in 2014:

  • February – We took a road trip to Ottawa and enjoyed beaver tails and hot chocolate during Winterlude. It was freaking cold. The kid went tobogganing for the first time in what he thought was a boat.
  • March/April – Daniel traveled to and from Houston a lot for work. He sampled some of the best southern food he’s ever had. His geeky side was tickled fancy when he had the opportunity to visit NASA’s Johnson Space Center, touring the historic mission control and catching a glimpse of the Orion capsule which will one day take us to Mars.
  • May – I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party and was introduced to bottle service, celebrity DJs, and clubbing till the wee hours of the night; it was quite a cultural experience. While Vegas was not high on my list of places to travel to, I had so much fun that I can’t wait to go back!
  • June – Ah, the World Cup, hang gliding and beaches… sans le bebe. Brazil was our big international trip of the year and though it cost us more than we normally spend on a vacation, it was well worth it.
  • July – Daniel was in California for a couple weeks on business. On the company’s dime, he dined in Michelin star restaurants in the Bay area. On weekends, he would explore San Francisco, visiting big tourist attractions like Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • August – After a hectic chaotic first eight months of the year, we took some time to unwind at “the cottage” in Prince Edward County. It was a blissful trip of family, food, and relaxing, and helped us refresh and renew for an even busier quarter.
  • November – Daniel went back to the Bay Area for a couple weeks. He enjoyed warm weather, while eating very well on restaurant patios while I had to endure snow storms. Oh, the fairness of it all.
  • December – Already sick of the cold, I convinced Daniel that we needed a family vacation to a warm and sunny locale. After some careful planning, we went on a Western-Caribbean cruise to get a tan.

Travel Plans for 2015

With the baby #2 coming this year, we’re limiting our travelling this year. Nonetheless, we do have a couple of vacations planned already. Continue reading

2015 Financial Outlook

(of mice and men)

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2015 Financial Outlook and Goals for Urban DeparturesIt took three weeks, but we finally got around to sorting out  our budget and financial goals for 2015. Putting together our budget for the new year was difficult; not only are there going to be a few unknowns, we’re are going to be taking on less income with more expenses. 2015 will be quite a year for us here at Urban Departures… Continue reading

Free $50 to Take the RBC Banking Statement Challenge!

(easy money)

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RBC Challenge

You’ve probably seen the ads around everywhere: RBC will give you $50 visa gift card for a face-to-face opportunity to prove their bank can offer better products and services. I, genuinely interested in their services and more so the gift card, booked an appointment to check out the RBC Banking Statement Challenge, giving them the chance to pitch their timeshare. I went to visit a RBC branch near work during my lunch hour one day. Continue reading

A Winter Escape Cost Proposal

(Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go?)

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We’re catching up on posting about life here on Urban Departures, so let me tell you about our impromptu-ish vacation in December.

At the beginning of November, both Daniel and I had a week’s worth of time-in-lieu, paid-time-off from work accrued from overtime or travel on weekends. According to both our companies’ policies, we cannot carry time-in-lieu to the next calendar year and was left with the question of “what to do with a week off?” Continue reading