The Weekend Edition No. 18 – Kensington Market, Mining Gold and Price Matching

(Happy Easter!)

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St. Lawrence Market, Toronto

Happy Easter weekend! Daniel is finally back after two weeks on the road and I’m glad to have him back at home. We have had an eventful past couple days catching up on all the time we haven’t spent together. Easter is a special time for many reasons; the extra day off is most welcome. Regardless of your beliefs, we hope that joy of Easter brings with it grace and hope.

Here are a few reads from the week: Continue reading

Project UrbanSimplify Mid-Month Status: Consumption

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At the beginning of the month we set our sights on minimizing the amount we spend to stop and reflect on how thoughtless consumption can have a negative impact on our everyday. Denis Diderot was gifted an elegant new robe that led him to despise the rest of his belongings. He eventually replaced all his stuff with nicer items to match his robe- leaving him depressed and in debt. We don’t want to follow in his footsteps. Well, the month’s halfway through and I think we’re doing pretty well with holding off on the non-essentials. Continue reading

Snippet: We love tax time!

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what to do with tax refund
This week we’re excited to introduce Snippets: a short take on financial decisions and current affairs of our day to day. Long posts are great but let’s face it, we can only read so many and we can only write so much while juggling full time jobs and our personal lives. We do want, however, to offer a window into the decisions we make. Whether you agree, disagree or have advice to share, let us know if we’re doing it right or if it can be done better. Either way, do enjoy.

A recent survey conducted by Tangerine discovered that 59% of Canadians expect to receive a tax refund this year. BMO Nesbitt Burns gathers that 37% will use the refund to pay down non mortgage debt while 28% will choose to save it or invest.

We received a sizeable refund this year; over six thousand dollars, thanks to daycare credits and RRSP contributions. We’re throwing most of it into one of our TFSAs, to max out a 2014 contribution room. One down, another $5500 to go.

Are you getting a tax refund? What are you going to do with it?

THE WEEKEND EDITION NO. 17 – 3-1 Odds for Indexing and $100k in Fees

(spring has sprung)

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Evergreen Brickworks, Toronto

Spring is finally here! It’s still a little chilly outside but we’re making the most of the plus degree weather. Over the past few weekends, we’ve made our way out to different farmer markets. This weekend will be no exception; Right after breakfast, we’re going to the zoo! Speaking of zoos, here’s a shortlist of some crazy reads from around the interwebs. Continue reading