Free $50 to Take the RBC Banking Statement Challenge!

(easy money)

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RBC Challenge

You’ve probably seen the ads around everywhere: RBC will give you $50 visa gift card for a face-to-face opportunity to prove their bank can offer better products and services. I, genuinely interested in their services and more so the gift card, booked an appointment to check out the RBC Banking Statement Challenge, giving them the chance to pitch their timeshare. I went to visit a RBC branch near work during my lunch hour one day. Continue reading

A Winter Escape Cost Proposal

(Key Largo, Montego, baby why don't we go?)

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We’re catching up on posting about life here on Urban Departures, so let me tell you about our impromptu-ish vacation in December.

At the beginning of November, both Daniel and I had a week’s worth of time-in-lieu, paid-time-off from work accrued from overtime or travel on weekends. According to both our companies’ policies, we cannot carry time-in-lieu to the next calendar year and was left with the question of “what to do with a week off?” Continue reading

2015, We’re Here!

(better late than never)

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Why hello there. We’re 12 days into the new year. Happy 2015! We’ve been moving slowly for the last two weeks. I didn’t mean to take time off from the blog; I tried to write a few posts during the holidays, but we just relished in the fun and celebration. In fact, we had to much fun that we needed 12 days to recover! Continue reading

Review: Travel Hacking for Canadians

(And a Giveaway!)

Thursday, 18 December 2014 | by | 8 Replies

TravelHackingCanadiansWe like to go places. We value the many benefits of travel but it does cost money. It is, however, a misconception that travel is too expensive. Traveling costs as much or as little as you so decide. A coworker recently took a two week long vacation to Italy, totaling roughly $8k, and staying in hotels costing upwards of €200 a night in Rome. In contrast, we took a similar trip a few years back with our costs adding up to roughly $4500. Our accommodations cost €58 a night in the same city. A trip to Italy can cost much less- that is, if you opt out of a week-long painting course in Tuscany.

We pay for our travels through disciplined saving but much of it also comes from picking up little tricks from other travelers that help stretch our travelling dollar. That’s where travel hacking comes in. Travel hacking, combined with points redeemed from our travel reward credit card, increases our ability to travel by greatly reducing our travel costs. I was excited to gain new travel hacking ideas when Steven Zussino graciously offered Urban Departures a copy of his book Travel Hacking for Canadians to review and giveaway (details after the jump). Continue reading